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Surprise others.

Find and book surprise shoutouts from people you love

With Heyou!™ surprise others with a short personalized video from their favorite Youtuber, actress, singer, athlete and much more!

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Find and book surprise shoutouts from people you love Find and book surprise shoutouts from people you love Find and book surprise shoutouts from people you love
Find, book <br>  and surprise
Find, book <br>  and surprise

Find, book
and surprise

Is your best-friend's birthday? Want to surprise your sister for her anniversary? Feel like having soccer player telling your husband he is going to be a dad?

Heyou! is perfect to find a memorable way to amaze and amuse others. Download the app, book your favorite talent and wait to see their face.

Browse our talent

Talent benefits:

Bring joy to your followers, raise funds
to fight covid-19 or other causes, and increase your earnings.


Be in touch with your audience

Fans are just happier and more engaged if you bring them the chance to have a more personal experience with you. Heyou videos are a great way to bring you closer to them.

Charitable causes, help others

Heyou! is a great way of raising funds to allocate to those causes that you care for. Choose your causes and show them on your profile.

Set your own price

As Talent you decide your Heyou! video price and you can change it anytime. As an option, donate part of your earnings to a charity of your choice.

Easy and fast

Recording a Heyou! video takes less than a minute and you can do it from anywhere. Requests expire 7 days after they are made.

How to join as Talent?

How to join as Talent?

With Heyou! you can create unforgettable moments for your audience. Make their day with a surprise birthday greeting or a support message while increasing your earnings and raising funds against Covid-19 and other charitable causes.

Join us!


How to use Heyou! to book a video?

Download Heyou! App, browse our talent, book a short video giving a brief script description and you will receive it in 4 days or less.

Definitely, once you receive your Heyou! video it is yours to enjoy and share on social media forever.

You can join our newsletter to receive weekly updates on fresh talent joining us or request specific talent via contact@heyou.app.

Each Talent can use the platform to raise funds for charitable causes. You can find more information about the causes they collaborate with on their profiles. We are currently encouraging projects to find a vaccine against Covid-19 and organizations that support those affected by it.


Surprise others.

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